Romney as King

When Romney Becomes King!

Mitt Romney made the news again when he said that he was not very concerned about the poor, since they have “safety nets” to catch them! What else could be expected from a man who is conservatively worth $250 million, a quarter billion dollars! It is the same arrogance expressed by the wealthy elite in any country, a complete disdain for those they consider below them. We in fact have a ruling aristocracy and class warfare being waged in America, despite the pretensions of “democracy”. If in fact Obama and Romney are the ones who face each other in the Presidential election, there could be a phony battle over who is the most “out of touch” with the American electorate!

Romney has said that he isn’t worried about the very rich or the poor, but rather the other 95% who are struggling to survive the hard economic times. But that is precisely the message from the Occupy Movement; that there is only the 1% of the ultra-wealthy, and everyone else is the 99%! Politicians are masters at double-speak and turning and twisting things around. The Latin origin of “attorney” is a torne, or to twist. Since most Congress critters and politicians are former or practicing attorneys, it is no wonder they know how to manipulate the American people in masterful demagoguery!

In Europe there still exists the notion of Royal Families and Nobles; Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses. Fortunately Americas fought a bloody revolutionary war for Independence to destroy once and for all the notion that one person’s blood is superior to another, as in “blue blood”. But the sad reality is that there still exist arrogant elitists like Romney and Obama, who think their bodily waste doesn’t stink like any other human being, regardless of economic class, social status, or “breeding”! Will the American people see through the hypocrisy and arrogant lies of the political “Master Race”?

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