Obama Dictator of the World?

Obama Dictates To Venzeuela

Obama criticized President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for his anti-American policies and foreign policies relations with Iran and Cuba. How would Obama react if another nation’s leader came to him, and said they didn’t like America’s relationship with the outlaw state of Israel? Iran has increased industrial and trade relations with Venezuela over the last few years, and apparently World Dictator Obama doesn’t like it! The photo above suggests the Venezuelan people’s reaction to Herr Obama!
Chavez immediately turned around and called Obama a “clown“; he also stated that Obama should take care of business in his country, which has become a disaster. The recently passed NDAA bill overturns Posse Comitatus, destroys the Bill of Rights, allows for illegal detention and even rendition of American citizens, and essentially places America under a Martial Law Dictatorship, and Obama wants to point the finger at bad ole Hugo Chavez??? Huh? Obama claims he is concerned about democracy and human rights in Venezuela, when he turns his own country into a Police State!
Iran has created 10,000 housing units for Venezuelan citizens, and another 7000 are in the completion stages. Oh yeah, real abusive! Meanwhile here in America we have more homeless and destitute people than ever in American history, with more jobs leaving the country every day. The banksters got their corporate-welfare bailout, and no one said a word. Trillions of dollars have been siphoned off to the financial oligarchs, trillions of dollars go to the war-profiteers and “merchants-of death” (defense contractors), but Obama wants to admonish Venezuela?Are we living in some Disneyland-Matrix delusional reality?
The rhetoric is accelerating as Obama tries to drum up support for the ongoing attack against Iran. But all this seems to do is backfire, and create even more alliances and hostility against America, which many around the world see as just a continuation of the old Colonial Imperialist Powers, a form of NEO-colonialism or neo-feudalism.

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