Courts Challenge Obama’s Eligibility

"It's real, I promise you!"

An Alabama Court has blocked Barack Hussein Obama from registering in the State Presidential Primary ballot until a court case can resolve whether he is in fact a U.S. Citizen. Many people have argued that Obama’s alleged birth certificate is in fact a fraud, forgery, and fake; and there is real forensic and photographic analysis of the certificate to bring into question its authenticity.The Alabama Circuit Court must hear evidentiary evidence in a case brought before it bu several Alabama citizens.This move by the court basically stalls any move by Democrats to place Obama on the ballot.
Promoters of the fake Obama birth certificate issue have argued that proving the factual evidence of their case will only happen at the State level, since the Federal Executive Branch has so much political control of the Federal Legislative and Judiciary branches of government.
Another neighboring state, Georgia, has had their Secretary State demand proof of Obama’s eligibility, and may also block him from appearing on their ballots as well.Failure to appear on the Georgia ballot would cost Obama 15 electoral votes, and would be devastating to him media-wise. These legal cases would also bring again into the limelight of media attention the entire issue of Obama’s true origin of birth. Many researchers have discovered that there is actually very little available concerning Obama’s family background. No former girlfriends from college or high school have ever come forward with any stories. there is mystery surrounding Obama’s mohter’s history and background; some have discovered links to the CIA and using her as an infiltrator into Indonesian Communist party operations, as well as the American Black Panther black-nationalist activities.
Usually when Presidents and rulers are about to have their secrets exposed, they will create a diversion to get people looking the other way, much like a stage magician. Unfortunately, that diversion may take the form of a new war against Iran, engulfing the entire med east in a fiery conflagration, and the possible start of World War III; God forbid.


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